Monday, February 19, 2007

take your passion.....and make it happen.

To keep busy, Ben and I have started doing some light modeling work. Here we are posing as a waitress and a film-student for an article in a German student-magazine.

We went to see Joanna Newsom perform last night in Kyoto....and boy does she know her way around the harp. She sang magical melodies of hay-bales glistening in the moonlight and tired monkeys resting alongside a river....or something....Go and see her if you get a chance!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Snakes in Japan.

I like Japan because there are no snakes here.
There are no snakes here because there are no natural
habitats remaining which would be considered desirable to a snake.
There are no natural habitats remaining because the clever bureaucrats
have decided to bury them in concrete and other impervious materials
to create streets and parking lots. The streets and parking lots seem
to be commonly infested with rats. This is because there aren`t any snakes
left in this country to chase them away.

Also, dancing in public is forbidden.
Where`s Kevin Bacon when you need him?

Monday, January 22, 2007

More pics!

Here are some more pics from India....most of them are taken during our last 2 weeks together in Goa. We had an amazing time there, traveling from beach to beach along the coast. Cindy is still travelling through India now with Ella (magenta shirt, shown giving a thumbs up). Thought I`d post these now, before i REALLY fall behind.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year... from the FUTURE!!!!

Can you believe it`s 2007 already!!!!! Doesn`t Total Recall take place in 2010?? I think the Running Man was supposed to take place in 2004, and yet I don`t see any stalker-studded manhunt gameshows on television.....We`d better get moving! Seriously, doesn`t it just blow your mind. I have to sit down.

Life`s been pretty great so far, but there`s always room for improvements. I have several resolutions for 2007.....I`m going to try to take my silk-screening to the next-level, remove my pressure balls and explore the world of earrings, drink whiskey only twice a week, cook more, call people more, complain less, etc. etc. etc......Would anyone like to share their resolutions?

Here`s a pic of Ben and I in front of the Umeda Sky can see the glorious floating space-garden observatory in the distance. Japan knows where its at. I know its only 2007 here, but sometimes it feels more like 2037.

May all your wildest 2007 dreams come true.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I n d i a . . .

We arrived in Mumbai sometime in mid-November. I think we spent about a week there....It is essentially a massive metropolis, boasting the notorious Bollywood scene, incredible architecture, pungent curries and scorching 40 degree heat. While it is considered the financial capital of India, a city where golden dreams are meant to be fullfilled, it also contains Dharavi, Asia`s largest slum and where 60% of the Mumbai population lives.

I actually didn`t get to see everything that I had planned in Mumbai because I got sick on our second day. No surprise here....If you go to India, you will get sick. No matter what precautions you take, you will get sick. No point in trying to "play it safe".....i.e. "i`ll just have some crackers and bottled-water for dinner" point, India will STILL find a way to make you sick. However, I was getting cocky about having travelled already throughout Asia for 2.5 months without getting sick (non-alcohol induced) whatsoever. So, I guess i was long-overdue for this sudden malaise. It wasn`t pleasant. Fuck, I didn`t get to see Ghandi`s house.

Cindy and I were asked four times in one afternoon to be EXTRAS in a Bollywood production. I really wish we had taken one of the offers, but I still wasn`t feeling 100%....perhaps next time. Regardless, its always nice to know you`re in-demand.

We took an overnight bus to Aurangabad to see the world-reknown Buddhist and Hindu cave-temples in Ajunta and Ellora. The Kailesh Temple (world`s largest monolithic carved structure) was absolutely, it was mind-blowing, literally. While walking in and out of the elaborate caves for 2 days, we were approached by hundreds of children, all wanting their picture taken with us. For Cindy, the scene got old rather fast....she seemed a little freaked out by the mobs of children clawing at us....whereas i chose to embrace this temporary stardom, diving head-first into the ridiculous fanfaronade....

Monday, December 11, 2006

wait for it. are some pix from Kathmandu!!! Sorry for the delay. I'm having trouble finding a computer that will actually upload my pix. Those are real-live monkeys on that temple statue, not animatronics like you may all be thinking.

Nepal was wonderful and i wish we could've spent more time there....lot's of friendly hippies, incense, colourful textiles and motorcycles. Oh, and don't forget about the Maoists!!! We happen to have been in Kathmandu during the Maoist demonstrations. Nothing too scary, although I wouldn't recommend walking around that city at night.

We are now lounging on the beaches of Goa. I think I'm having an allergic reaction to the malaria pills, as i've become extremely sensitive to the sun and can't stop scratching my skin. Other than that, everything is well! We've met many entertaining fellow-travelers to hang out with, the weather is fantastic, and we haven't gotten sick in over a week!!!! fingers crossed....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

this must be just like living in paradise.

We are still alive....been in India for almost a month now.
I will write all about Mumbai and Aurangabad soon....but for now, i'll leave you with an inspirational pic.